Great Lakes Fish Decoy Assn.

Fish Decoy Collector's Corner


    Over the last few decades, collectible fish decoys have gained an impressive following among both sportsmen and Folk Art experts alike. The notion of collecting something as simple as a working fish decoy coupled with their proven track record as a sound investment has served to make the fish decoy an object of desire for a wide variety of collectors. Some collect fish decoys because of the wonderful, warm memories they can evoke. Memories of cold days in January spent with family members peering through a hole in the ice, waiting for a big one. Those without a spearing background collect fish simply because of the visual appeal they provide. An appeal based on the strong aspects they have as folk art. Still others collect solely for the proven investment qualities fish decoys have offered over time. No matter what lure fish decoy collecting may have for you, it is widely known that these little guys have a power far beyond what initially meets the eye. From the simplest of early fish decoys to the elaborate creations of today's contemporary masters, fish decoy collecting continues to grow and prosper as an enjoyable hobby worldwide. The GLFDA is well known as the sponsor of the World Championship of Fish Decoy Carving but that is only part of its purpose. The organization is also an advocate and promoter of the fish decoy as a collectible art form. Over time, fish decoys have gained in popularity as one of the purest forms of folk art. Objects that started out life as a simple tool. A hand made working object whose sole purpose was to bring fish within range of the spear. As time has passed, collectors have come to appreciate the fish decoy as an object of folk art worthy of a place of honor in any collection.


 The GLFDA recommends the following as experts in their fields.


 Jerry Adams ~ Lake St. Claire 586-779-4740.

 Frank Baron ~ 734-427-7768.


 Thayne Johnson ~ email:

 Frank Pasiewicz ~ 763-786-4097.

 Joe & Donna Tonelli ~ 605-337-2301.


 Dan Scollins ~ 914-248-5993.


 Bob Burger ~ 614-392-9101.


 Art Kimball ~ 715-385-2862.


 Frank Baron ~ 734-427-7768 email: